Since 1959 Sasso dei Lupi has expressed and promoted the values ​​of the quality of the native vines of the Colli Perugini zone. The Sasso dei Lupi s.c.a. was born as an evolution from the decades-long journey of one of the most important Umbrian cooperatives: the Cantina Sociale Colli Perugini. It is from this path that, in 2008, the project to re-found the winery was born, under the new brand of Sasso dei Lupi. Since the beginning, the Cooperative has gathered around itself a substantial nucleus of vintners from the Marsciano area. Sasso dei Lupi has had the ability to transform itself continuously over time, adapting to the country’s great social changes and the dynamics of globalization and progressively evolving from a large producer of wines in bulk to a protagonist of the quality Umbrian wine scene. Over the past two decades the winery has been offering a growing share of bottled wines, oriented towards a quality market. Sasso dei Lupi is located in Marsciano, in the province of Perugia, along the Strada dei Vini del Cantico which connects Torgiano, Assisi and Perugia up to Todi. We believe that cooperation, even before being a corporate form, is our working philosophy.